Department of Communication


Attention to speaking in the disciplines at the University of Pittsburgh began with the  Communication Across the Curriculum (CxC) Project, a graduate seminar led by Peter Simonson that coincided with new  College of Arts and Sciences mandates to integrate oral communication in all disciplines in the undergraduate curriculum.   The original group included Tara Beichner, Eli Brennan, Kelly Congdon, Charity Kriley, Damien Pfister, and Mark Porrovecchio.  The seminar began developing web resources that could be easily accessed by students and instructors. Eli Brennan constructed the original website, and Damien Pfister, Kelly Congdon, Charity Kriley, and Peter Simonson wrote the majority of the pages on this site. In addition to the original group Marcy Halpin, John Gillette, Lisa Belicka Keranen, and Junya Marooka made major contributions to the website.

 Vice Provost Patty Beeson coordinated financial assistance to fund initial development of these web resources.  Associate Deans for Undergraduate Studies Regina Schulte-Ladbeck and Juan Manfredi have provided extensive support to the initiative, especially the faculty seminar.  Department of Communication chairs John Lyne and Barbara Warnick have also been generous supporters of the initiative.

Communication Across the Curriculum consultants Deanna Dannels and Anthony Fleury provided fruitful assistance to the initiative.  Adam Roth coordinated the second launch of the website in 2007.

We thank them all.