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Interview with a Professional in your Field of Interest
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1. Seek out a professional in the field of your interest, schedule a time to meet with this person and conduct an interview based upon pre-determined questions regarding the significance of communication in the interviewee’s field (a telephone interview will also suffice). 

2. After your interview, write a thank you letter to your interviewee thanking them for the time they spent speaking with you about the significance of communication in their field, and what you will do between now and graduation to prepare for a job in this area (or with your interviewee’s company). 

The point of this assignment is three-fold: First, to acquaint you with a professional field and get you to explore it first-hand.  Second, to discover what type of communication skills are required for employment in this field.  Third, to determine what you need to do now in order to gain employment in this field in the future.


Interview Assignment

Interview with a Professional in Your Field of Interest

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Interview Questions

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