Department of Communication

14 Faculty Awarded $1,000 Fellowships for Completing Spring 2007 CxC Faculty Seminar

Sponsored by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Regina Schulte-Ladbeck, 14 faculty were awarded certificates and $1000.00 each for completing the semester-long CxC Faculty Seminar.

Spring 2007 participants included:

Julie Rae Allardice, Theatre Arts
Kathleen Christian, History of Art and Architecture
Rebecca Denova, Religious Studies
Kristin Kanthak, Political Science
Nancy Kaufman, Biological Sciences
Renate Kosinski, French and Italian Languages and Literatures
Kimberly Latta, English
Irina Livezeanu, History
Bruce McConachie, Theatre Arts
Soiliou Namoro, Economics
Tony Novosel, History
Adam Shear, Religious Studies
Cindy Skrzycki, English
Dieter Waltermann, German