Department of Communication

Articulation Exercises

Vowel movements. Overemphasize vowels by drawing them out. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Eeeeeeeeeeee. Warms up vocal cords for the morning.

Pen in the mouth. Insert pen behind canines, read, drool. Have handkerchief available to catch drool. Enhances articulation, builds cheek muscles.

The “and” drill. Insert and the and word and “and” and between and every and word and. Pronounce and as if you were a southerner: and-ah is a two syllable word! Enhances each word as a distinct unit, rather than encouraging slurring.

Read backwards. Right to left, bottom to top. Enhances the ability to clearly distinguish between words.

Overenunciation. Slowly read evidence, exaggerating each syllable. Enhances the ability to speak in a voice other than monotone.

Chat with your Uncle Willy. Speak to clueless Uncle Willy gets most of his information from the Weekly World News, which means that he really likes to hear speakers talk “from the heart” in an impassioned manner. Enhances persuasive appeals and emphasis.

Hold a chair. Hold a chair to your stomach, with the evidence on the chair. Speak. Enhances the strength of the diaphragm and projection.

Say "abiday" and/or "gibbida" over and over again. Then say ta-ka over and over again. These words hit the key consonants that often blur together during speeches.

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